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Our dealership is dedicated to getting you back on the open road. No appointment? No problem! Our technicians are here to perform your routine services and get rolling. 

Having your ride in top shape is the difference between a long-lasting journey and a roadside breakdown. A bike that's in pristine condition through regular maintenance always outlasts those that get neglected. So if you find yourself waiting on a tow truck, consider visiting Bumpus Harley-Davidson of Murfreesboro for a proper checkup. We have expert Harley mechanics who can proficiently test and treat your bike so it's as good as new.

If you're trying to find motorcycle repair due to a crash or accident, our Harley-Davidson service professionals can not only revive your bike from the dead but protect and enhance its performance. Major damage is troublesome and a pain to work through, but our repair crew has the know-how to have you in and out of the shop quickly. Our thorough diagnostics test will find the issues that can plague a bike so you can ride out with your motorcycle that'll be in working order for years to come.

Dependable motorcycle service is hard to come by, but Bumpus Harley-Davidson of Murfreesboro is the Harley-Davidson repair shop you can trust. The next time your Softail® or Street® motorcycle is dinged or needs a tuneup, visit us near Nashville, Lebanon, and Smyrna, TN to have it fixed up. Save time by scheduling your next appointment online at our Harley-Davidson Service Department near Nashville, TN. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at (615) 849-8025.

Feel confident that a “Full Service” performed at Bumpus Harley-Davidson® of Murfreesboro is performed by a fully-trained and certified Harley-Davidson® Technician with the tools, parts, and the know-how to get the job done right.

  • Replace engine oil, filter, drain plug o-ring. Torque drain plug to proper specification. Ensure proper oil level at operating temperature.
  • Check operation of all electrical equipment, lighting and controls.
  • Inspect front and rear tire tread depth and air pressure. Check tightness of all spokes (if equipped.)
  • Inspect fluid level of front brake and clutch reservoirs (some models.) Check torque of cover screws.
  • Check torque of switch housing screws, clutch lever handlebar clamp screws, and master cylinder handlebar screws.
  • Check engine coolant freeze point and inspect for leaks. Clean radiators (some models.)
  • Drain and replace primary chaincase lubricant and drain plug and o-ring.
  • Drain and replace transmission lubricant and drain plug o-ring
  • Check torque of right front engine mount end cap screws and engine mount to front crankcase screws
  • Inspect oil, brake, and fuel lines and fittings for leaks, contact, or abrasions
  • Inspect rear brake reservoir for proper level. Check torque of cover screws.
  • Inspect front brake pads and discs. Ensure pad thickness is within specification.
  • Inspect rear brake pads and disc. Ensure pad thickness is within specification.
  • Check torque of front and rear axle nut.
  • Inspect and lubricate jiffy stand.
  • Lubricate clutch cable. Ensure proper cable adjustment and hand lever free play.
  • Check, adjust, and lubricate brake and clutch controls.
  • Inspect and adjust drive belt. Inspect wheel sprocket.
  • Check rear air suspension pressure (some models), operation, and leakage.
  • Inspect exhaust system for leaks, cracks, and loose or missing fasteners or exhaust shields.
  • Check battery, clean connections and torque terminal screws.
  • Lubricate the fuel door. Tour-Pak, and saddlebag hinges and latches (some models.)
  • Check for open recalls, product campaigns, trouble codes, and engine management system updates.
  • Road test – verify component and system functions.
  • Includes our signature “Basic Wash” at no additional charge.
  • Factory recommended maintenance and Pricing
  • Dyno service for EFI & Carbureted
  • Warranty repair work
  • Harley-Davidson® Extended service plan claim reporting
  • Tire / Brake
  • Custom engine upgrades/ rebuild
  • Performance Package Installation
  • Factory accessory installation
  • Aftermarket accessory installation
  • Electrical diagnostics
  • Insurance repairs

With Express Lane™ Service, you don’t need to call ahead to make an appointment. Just stop in at our dealership to have selected services performed on your bike in about an hour.

  • Tire replacement
  • Brake system flush
  • Brake pad replacement
  • Engine oil and filter changes
  • Select Genuine Motor parts and accessories

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