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Having your ride in top shape is the difference between a long-lasting journey and a roadside breakdown. A bike that's in pristine condition through regular maintenance always outlasts those that get neglected. So if you find yourself waiting on a tow truck, consider visiting Bumpus Harley-Davidson of Murfreesboro for a proper checkup. We have expert Harley mechanics who can proficiently test and treat your bike so it's as good as new.

If you're trying to find motorcycle repair due to a crash or accident, our Harley service professionals can not only revive your bike from the dead, but protect and enhance its performance. Major damage is troublesome and a pain to work through, but our repair crew has the know-how to have you in and out of the shop quickly. Our thorough diagnostics test will find the issues that can plague a bike so you can ride out with your motorcycle that'll be in working order for years to come.

Dependable motorcycle service is hard to come by, but Bumpus Harley-Davidson of Murfreesboro is your Harley repair shop you can trust. The next time your Softail® or Street® motorcycle is dinged or needs a tuneup, visit us near Nashville, Lebanon, and Smyrna, TN to have it fixed up.Save time byscheduling your next appointmentonline at our Harley Davidson Service Department near Nashville, TN. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at .


Milwaukee 8 - Stage2 Upgrade

- 2017-2018 Milwaukee 8 Engines
- Does not include Stage 1 Components
- Includes full Dyno w/ print out
- Choose between Two Types of Performance Packages for the same price
- All Models require ECM calibration with SE Pro Street Tuner
- Recommend that bikes have high flow breather and performance exhaust with this kit.

Torque Package

Enhanced Torque and HP in the mid to low RPM range/ produces passing power
without having to downshift or high revs. The 5% increase in torque can be felt
immediately off the line and continues to build up to a 14% increase @ 4500 RPM.

Power Package

Ideal for riders looking for excitement and are willing to ride at higher RPMs/produces greater acceleration in the mid and upper RPMs. The Additional power starts to build @ 3000 RPM and continues to build up to 24% at redline.
Parts and labor included.
See Service Department for full information.


SYN3 1000 Mile Service

Now Only $250.00 and up

- 30 point plus inspection with fluid change
- Service performed per H-D service manual
Parts and labor included.
See Service Department for full information.

Brake Fluid Flush

Now Only $149.00 and up

- Recommended that Dot 4 be changed every 2 years (per H-D service manual)
- Preventative Maintenance
- Clean Brake fluid is crucial for the Hydraulic ABS unit to work correctly
- You need to be able to stop correctly Parts and labor included.
See Service Department for full information.

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